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Hi all, my name is Rebecca  Harrison and I am 30 years of age, a Mother to 4 beautiful Girls and a Wife. I am a qualified social worker, so I work part-time alongside selling quality hair extensions.
My passion for hair started in 2011, I always use to ask my husband ( at that time boyfriend) to buy me virgin hair extensions, however it was soo expensive at the time I never got the chance to buy any. 

I then realised there are a lot of women like me who would love to purchase virgin hair however the market at the time was extremely rare so prices were very High. I then saw the gap in the market and decided to sell. It took my 8 months of trial and error. At that time I was in college so I started selling off to my course mates in college. My first ever batch of hair I ordered was from China and unfortunately none of it was good. Everyone that purchased asked for a refund so I lost a lot of money. The second time I ordered from Brazil, and there it was my supplier!! Since then we have continued to strive and provide the best of the best. 

As a Family woman, I know we all have expenses and have to prioritise them, so I have made prices affordable considering the hair we sell, which is great quality. Everyone can afford it and it lasts a long time if you take good care of it. 


Precious Virgin Hair is a hair company is a small family business, which provides 100% Virgin Peruvian, Virgin Cambodian, Raw South American Hair, Raw Indonesian Hair and Raw Burmese hair.

We sell to customers in London, USA, Ghana and worldwide. Our hair is Cuticle Intact meaning its quality from the roots to the tips of the hair. Our virgin Hair comes in body wave, deep wave, loose wave, loose Curly, straight and natural wave. The hair is double machine weft and also comes in its natural colour 1,1b. The hair can be straightened if curly, washed and dyed, this means our hair can be used for more than 2 years if the hair is been looked after well.

Going through our clients album will prove the quality and how diverse the hair can be.  Peruvian and Cambodian Virgin hair extensions are much more durable due to the type of diet their women have. Our virgin hair extensions and lace pieces are sourced from its originated countries hence the good quality of our virgin hair; we do not provide virgin hair extensions from china! Please note that. We recommend 3-4 bundles of hair for a full head, 100 grams or 0.100kg per bundle.  

We at PVH are here to ensure we cover all your hair needs, after purchase we have a hair stylist we can recommend for Weave installs, Custom wig making and many more! For more information head over to our shop menu and details can be found there.

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