Smiley faceMaintaining your virgin hair is very important and essential as this determines how long the hair will last. Just like real hair, if the hair is not cared for properly, the hair will not last.

Weft Hair Extensions

We recommend that when installing, you instruct your stylist not to sew or pierce through the wefts as this causes the weft to weaken as time goes on.  Your stylist should sew under and over the weft.

The weft should NOT be split as it's a double machine weft.

To prevent the hair from shedding, please do NOT cut the weft as you break the sewing chain and will start to experience more shedding. If the weft has to be cut, then please ensure you use a weft sealer/glue.



Kindly note that this hair is not on a weft so shedding is more likely to happen. Virgin hair bundles for Braiding should be carefully taken care off just as you will look after your wigs or bundles for future use. Recommended regime is to separate the virgin hair strands from the braids, gently using your hands to single the virgin hair strands out. This will make it easier to apply your luke warm water and conditioner. once this is done gently go in with your fingers again, continuing to separate the virgin hair. Once this is all done kindly leave to sue dry. Do not use mousse or any oils on your boho or goddess braids as that will cause the hair to tangle as the oil makes it static.



Recommended Washing Regime by PVH

Our Virgin Hair should be washed at least once a week.  This should be done by using Tresemme Salon Silk shampoo and conditioner.  It's very popular and affordable and they are available at all hair and beauty shops.  After shampooing the hair, deep condition for a hour.

This is if the hair is still installed on your head.  If not, then we recommend you leave the hair in conditioner for a day if convenient.  Hair should be washed thoroughly with luke warm water, and then air dryed since this doesn't cause any split ends as it dries naturally, instead of using a blow dry or any heat equipments.  If any of these are used, we recommend you use a heat defence by John Frieda. Hair can be styled using your bendy curlers or curling wand after hair serum is applied.

Hair serum is very important especially when hair is washed since it keeps the hair looking very healthy, glossy, and revives the hair.  John Freida FRIZZ-EASE Hair Serum is what we recommend on all our Virgin Hair.  The Orange and Purple bottle has what it takes to make your virgin hair feel and look good all the time.

Colouring Virgin Hair

Giving your Virgin Hair some colour is not bad at all but you need to bear in mind that we sell the hair to our customers as VIRGIN HAIR but as soon as the hair is coloured, it's processed (NOT VIRGIN).  Please ensure that the hair is deep conditioned after colouring as this makes the texture of the hair fine.  Remember, Virgin Hair doesn't grow as it's sewed on a weft, so extra care will make the hair last.  We offer colouring services that can be ordered in our online shop with your purchase.

A few pictures below to ensure you purchase the correct products for your Virgin Hair.